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Floyd Morgan

Outreach and Family Pastor

Floyd Morgan currently serves as the Outreach and Family Pastor at Christ Community Church on the east side of Tucson.



RuthAnn Smithrud

Volunteer Connector for Serve Our Schools

After teaching first grade for 27 years, RuthAnn was led by The Lord to take early retirement and is now the Local Outreach Director for St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church.

297-7201 ext. 204


J. Michael Davis

Associate Director of Community Outreach

Pantano Christian Church

Before becoming a volunteer staff member at Pantano Christian Church, J. Michael was a customer service and technical support trainer at a large call center in Tucson. His wife Jill is a loan officer at Nova Financial.



Mike Birrer

Mike serves our city by coordinating volunteer groups to service opportunities, especially where children and youth are, like schools.



Marie Benson

Executive Director Tanque Verde Extended Care Program

Director of Tanque Verde Community Programs since 1991 -a non-profit that benefits the youth in Tanque Verde Valley and offers enrichment program to all ages.



Matt Merrill

GAP Ministries Community Transformation Coordinator



Dave Drum

4Tucson Church Domain Director

Director of the Church Domain at 4Tucson with the gaol of all Christian Churches in Tucson functioning as one body under one head, Jesus Christ



Bernadette Gruber

4Tucson Education Domain Director

Director of the Education Domain at 4Tucson that engages the Christian community to shape and influence school culture and promote parental involvement.





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